KarenOh (karenoh) wrote in vaginapagina,

Menstrual Cramp Relief Tips

Hello you wonderful VPers!

After some great, helpful feedback from the VP community, I am quite excited about getting the Paragard IUD. All of that said, I'm trying to go ahead and stock up on some supplements and ibuprofen beforehand, in anticipation of increased bleeding and cramps.

I've read here in the VP community about the 3 x 3 x 3 ibuprofen regimen, and I've also heard mentions of Vitamin E and evening primrose oil.

I've used a supplement from a company called oona that contains ginger and cramp bark with some success, but it can get pricey over time.

Does anyone have any other supplements or other pain-managing tricks that they recommend for heavy cramping (and potentially heavy bleeding)?

I have some red raspberry leaf tea, but I never really think to take it often enough in advance of my period. Anyone have success with red raspberry leaf, and if so what regimen would you recommend?
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