xalifesochanged (xalifesochanged) wrote in vaginapagina,

Missed a pill or two and whacky period?

 Hey everyone. I've been on Loestrin 24 Fe since March.

This past month (June), I took my pills as usual, however, during the first two, weeks, I believed I miss two (non-consecutive) pills and followed the "take it as soon as you remember even if you have to take two pills at a time" rule. I also wasn't sexually active during the first 1.5 weeks.

In the third week, I missed one pill and took it as soon as I remembered the next day. During this week, I also started to have light bleeding, spotting, and pink discharge for about 1.5- two days. Ever since I started Loestrin, my period generally comes about 3-7 days before it should. I then took the placebo pills with no sign of bleeding at all. 

Part of me is thinking my cycle might just be whacky because I stacked this pack with last months to prevent bleeding during a vacation. 

Basically, has anyone experienced this? What are my chances of being pregnant given the situation?
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