Emily (mgabzy69) wrote in vaginapagina,

Bikini Wax Skin Problem

Hi everyone,

I joined for the sole purpose of asking this question...I'm a little nervous about what's going on in my area right now.

Long story short, I got a brazilian wax on Friday afternoon. I get them all the time and I can't remember ever really having a problem, even though I rarely go to the same place twice (yay, Groupon!). Anyways, three-ish days after the wax, the creases where my mons/thighs/the top part of my labia meet (so, right where the underwear hits, basically) has because really red, almost like a diaper rash, and also feels slightly rough, as if it were crusting over, though I don't see any visible blisters or abrasions.

Is this something to be concerned about? I've just been putting lotion on it and kind of chalked it up to the wax being too hot or something, and I'm sure the combination of humidity/working outside all day/being a naturally high friction location has a lot to do with it...but it's making me nervous. In 4 years of waxes I can't remember this ever happening-and I know for sure it's never taken my skin this long to bounce back before.

Has this ever happened to anyone before? I tried Googling but really couldn't find anything helpful-all I could really find was like, how to make sure the salon you go to is clean, which I did, so...

I didn't know if it would be acceptable to post a photo, I did take one. So if it's something that would be OK to post and maybe give people a better idea if they can advise me to see a doctor or not...let me know and I can post it (NSFW, obviously).

Thanks everyone.
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