trina (lacephotograph) wrote in vaginapagina,

sore freckle/mole around vagina

Hi VPers,

I have a freckle or mole kind of in the crease where the labia majora meets the inside of the leg. I've had it for a few years at least (not sure where it came from or if it developed over time or has always been there, but I noticed it years ago), and usually it's fine, just an odd little freckle on my vagina. Lately however it's been a bit raised and sore. I also feel like I've had thrush for about two weeks, which I was taking acidophlus (spelling?) capsules for and that pretty much got rid of it, until I had some straight sex (I actually contracted thrush because I fooled around with a girl who had it, although we both stayed away from her vagina, so I'm not really sure how I got it, but it seemed that I got it straight after that), and since then, about four days ago, I've felt like I've had a mild case of thrush. Also worth noting is that my fourchette (had to look that one up here) seems to be irritated and sometimes itchy lately. 

So basically, I will be going to the doctors when I make an appointment tomorrow morning (it's currently Sunday) and hopefully I can get in soon (there are no free clinics in my town, and there is a sexual health clinic, but I'd rather see my actual doctor). I'm fairly confident it can't be an STI because my boyfriend and I have been sleeping together for two years, and the girl I fooled around with was STI-free (and I'd trust her to tell me if she wasn't, but she's only been with one other person in the last few months, who was a virgin). I've also never had an STI, the worst of my vagina related issues has been recurrent thrush and a few UTIs. Just thought I'd post my problems to see if anyone had any insight, so thanks in advance!
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