grandiloquence (spiffychicky) wrote in vaginapagina,

UTI while already on antibiotic

It's been a pretty hellish week for my body, health wise.

It started with a cold that turned into some weird strep-like, throat/ear infection nastiness. I went to my school's health center and the doctor gave me amoxicillin (500mg, twice a day for 10 days) immediately.

I've been taking that, as prescribed, for 3 days now. I started feeling better after 24 hours, but I'm still holed up battling off the lingering cold. And then yesterday, I noticed that I was having the symptoms of a UTI.

I'm really susceptible to UTIs, especially with the boyfriend I'm with now (his healthy bacteria just does NOT jive with my vagina). So susceptible that my old doctor gave me a very low grade antibiotic to take every time I have sex with him. We have been having sex these past couple of days and I haven't been taking that antibiotic because I figured I was already taking so much amoxicillin and I'm really nervous of overdoing it on antibiotics (considering how often I get strep and utis).

But here I am, all the classic UTI symptoms: constantly needing to pee, burning, cloudy pee, a tiny bit of blood in my urine. Last night I tried to flush it out by drinking a ton of water, figuring the antibiotic I'm already on should get around to my UTI eventually, and that made the symptoms disappear for a few hours, but they're back with a vengeance this morning.

So what do you do about a UTI while already on an antibiotic? I'm pretty sure I normally get amoxicillin for UTIs anyway, and I have 7 days left of this script. Do I layer on another antibiotic for the UTI specifically? I really don't want to take more antibiotics than I need to, but I know not to fuck around with UTIs. Why isn't the amoxicillin working down there? Will it eventually? Am I maybe safe to just treat the symptoms this time around?

In retrospect, I guess I don't normally get amox for utis, it's normally bactrim. Does that mean I need Bactrim on top of the amox?
*le sigh*
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