SuperMonkey and the Spatula of Doom (seamonkey) wrote in vaginapagina,
SuperMonkey and the Spatula of Doom

Ok, I have no idea if I did this right or not. The diagrams on the nuvaring website aren't much help.

My period started around the 26th-ish and I was supposed to start the nuvaring today, but was still spotting a little. I had a reminder in my phone to put it in before work. Getting it in wasn't an issue, but it didn't go up very far, either because my cervix was in the way or because I have baby hands and just couldn't get it in further.

How high is it supposed to go? Should I ask my boyfriend to push it higher?

I HAVE noticed I'm a little less ragey today. I've been dealing with my DSL provider over an unauthorized $110 charge on my account and managed NOT to go apeshit on someone on the phone today like I did yesterday
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