michalyn (michalyn) wrote in vaginapagina,

Recommendations for a Low Dose Monophasic Pill?

Hi Everyone,

I've been on ortho-cyclen for 8months now and loving it. I have PCOS so I need to be on a non-androgenic BCP. For various other health reasons, I don't respond well to triphasic pills. The only problem is I'm suddenly developing spider veins everywhere--around my ankles, the backs of my knees, even my face. I cannot think of anything that could be causing this other then the Ortho Cyclen since it has a relatively higher dose of estrogen. I'd like to try a lower dose pill but can't seem to find another pill that won't aggravate my PCOS and issues I was having with hair thinning before OrthoCcylen. I've tried Yaz before and had a terrible experience with it.

Does anyone have recommendations for a low dose monophasic pill? I would be so happy if there were an Ortho-Cyclen Lo, but it seems I'm out of luck.  Should I just give up and accept that I'll become more and more veiny?
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