Kristen (xx_socold_xx) wrote in vaginapagina,


So, I am having some bloody discharge. My period was last Saturday (the 18th) and lasted until about the 20/21. I am on Loestrin 24 Fe, which makes my periods very light and short. I did experience breakthrough bleeding in the first three months I was on the pill (Jan 2011-March 2011) but I have not had that since.

I had sex this afternoon around noon, and just went to the bathroom about 3:30 to wipe and get some bloody discharge. It wasn't brown, so I don't think it was old blood. It wasn't pink either, it was...well, blood-red. There were parts of the discharge that were still clear, however--so I guess it was streaky? I am wondering if we were too rough (I didn't feel pain at any time though) or what. I've never experienced this before.

I also am experiencing a bit of an uncomfortable feeling in my lower abdomen, but I wouldn't say it hurts. It felt like that before sex, though. I did miss taking my first two pills of my pack (entirely my fault) but I caught up properly like the packet insert directs me to. I also took my pill yesterday(?) a few hours later than normal. But, I will admit I forget to take my pill sometimes until late in the night (as opposed to my usual time of ~10 pm), and I've never had bloody discharge when I have taken it late before.

Any ideas? Do I need to see a doctor or should I wait and see what happens?
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