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Update on High Prolactin Levels

First Post

Today, I visited the endocrinologist for the first time regarding my High Prolactin levels (which were at a 141.1 at the visit).

He was extremely nice and informative regarding it. He asked me about my medical history and then all about the glands and prolactin

He asked me if I lactated and if my periods were irregular, which they aren't, so that kind of makes me go "hmm then why the hell are they still high?"

As well as check my blood pressure and peripheral vision.

There are two scenarios:
1) It is a small benign growth on the pituitary gland that can be shrunk with medicine

2)There is something on the hypothalamus that is not telling the pituitary gland to shut off producing prolactin that will require a surgery (forgot the name that goes through the nose).

The dr, also took blood work right after the appointment to make sure it wasn't a fluky thing though I know I've been elevated for a few months.

Overall, the visit was very good and eased my anxiety. He did write a script for MRI, I will be getting the open one.

I hope that my scenario is the first one.

Thank you for all your feedback and support on the first entry, I hope this one helps !
Tags: hormone levels, prolactin
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