combeefly (combeefly) wrote in vaginapagina,

Update and Question about reoccuring vaginal infections

Hi VPers!

I wanted to come back and thank you all for the advice you gave in regards to me reoccurring yeast/BV problems. I'd also thought I'd give an update in order to ask a question.

So, I finally ditched my GP on these matters and went to my OBGYN. The first culture showed BV, got some vaginal insert medication, but still end it a little itchy. I go back and they do another culture but see nothing. But GBS (as they told me, a strain of vaginal strep that many women have, but usually doesn't cause symptoms for women. Therefore, they usually only check for it and care about it in pregnant women). Well, my doctor things maybe all the medications for yeast and BV could have irritated it into making an appearance. So I go onto 7 days of antibiotics, 4x/day along while continuing to take acidophilus pills to help. Also should note that they gave me diflucan to prevent yeast on the antibiotics.

I finished the pills last Thursday and feel significantly better but I still feel some really minor itching. Not burning, just a teeny bitch of itching on the outside and around the anus. At first I thought some of it was from shaving, but now... not so much. Usually at thing point, I'd go and pick up a monistat but I guess my worry is that the antibiotics didn't clear up the GBS all the way and is still leaving some minor irritation. It's nice to be back to nearly normal feeling, but I'd like it cleared up 100%.

So what say you all - another trip back to the OBGYN would probably be the best thing to do, yes? They are farther away from work than my GP, but I'm not really sure I can trust my GP with these issues anymore, even with an explanation of all of this.
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