T to the K ... tram (iisangheh) wrote in vaginapagina,
T to the K ... tram

Lost of sensation during intercourse

Hullo all,

I know this is a pretty common problem especially to individuals that are new to sexual intercourse, however I've been having consistent awesome sex with my boyfriend for 10 months now and this condition just started happening today. We started going at it like usual only today I felt nothing during intercourse. I could feel pressure and it felt exactly like sex should only it wasn't pleasurable. I was -sorry if tmi- wet the whole time and on my boyfriend's end it felt great. Does anyone know what could possible lead to this? The past week however we've been having pretty rough sex many times cause we were both out of town for a while, and a couple days ago I started feeling pains in my vagina that started like just plain soreness and because I'm an idiotic horndog, turned into sharper pains because I continued to have the same rough sex. Then we took a break and the pain subsided but it's still lingering as a soreness then all of a sudden today I couldn't feel any sensation. Did I fuck up my junk big time or should I just stop worrying and go to my scheduled appointment later this week? Bahhh, thanks for all your help :)
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