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Lichen sclerosus and weird things going on down there

I've got a problem. I think.

After feeling sore down there for about two months last winter I went to the gyn in February and was diagnosed with lichen sclerosus (I was freaking out, thinking it was cancer or something and he basically told me to worry about really important things instead of thinking I had the 1:1,000,000 chance of developing cancer at my age and family history). Since it was caught in its early stages it's still a rather mild form (almost no shrinkage and only a few white patches). He prescribed a cortisone cream and told me to use whatever salve or moisturizing ointment I feel most comfortable with and after a few weeks the worst was over. I'm not using the cortisone anymore; it's not like I'm boycotting it - I know it's not good for the skin if used on the long term but that it's the best way to keep the lichen sclerosus in check. It's not really painful anymore, there's only some slight discomfort when I bend down in a certain way etc. (and for some weird reason, when I'm working all day and ride my bike to work it's getting better; when I spend the day in front of my computer it gets worse *lol*). Now, I know it's an autoimmune thing and it will never go away; it might get worse but it can take years until it makes itself felt again.

(That reminds me: Are there any other sufferers of lichen sclerosus? If yes, what do you do to keep it at bay?)

This is the (possibly totally irrelevant) history. My problem right now is that the soreness that I attribute to the lichen sclerosus is basically only on the right side, i.e. the right labia minora near the opening of the vagina. A little more than a month ago I started to feel that there seemed to be something below the skin. In other words, it feels a little thicker than the left side. It's not painful to the touch, it's also no discernible shape and it's not hard, more sort of squishy. A few weeks ago I had a kind of painful zit (or maybe a sebaceous cyst?). It developed slowly over two weeks and only really hurt for like four days until it popped on its own, bled a little and disappeared. And lo and behold - the soreness/slight pain that I thought was the lichen disappeared with it. But it returned within two days. Then, a few days ago, just after I finished my period, another zit developed but popped within a day. Both were on the right side, the first one near the vaginal opening, the other on the outside. But still, the right labia still feels thicker. I talked with my mother and she said she once had something similar and after a few months it went away on its own. But I'm stupid and so a few hours ago I decided to google possible causes which was a HUGE mistake! Or maybe I'm just a huge hypochondriac. I'm in my late 20s, haven't been sexually active for almost 10 years and the gyn made a pap (turned out II which isn't nice but I've been told is totally normal) and tests for various STDs and nothing alarming turned up. I know that lichen sclerosus increases the chances of cancer but not within half a year. And there is no cancer whatsoever in my family.

What should I do? My mother says it will probably go away after a while and I should wait some more time before going to the gyno. The internet says OMG CANCER!!1! (at least it feels like this to my hypochondriac self) and right now I can't go to the gyno anyway because I've got too much to do at work. And the lichen and the frequent zits also have me doubt the cancer theory, too. Still, I'm worried...

Sorry for the tl;dr. So, yeah, basically I just want you to tell me that it's NOT cancer :(
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