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PCOS - Many questions

I have completely lost faith in my doctors (although obviously I'm continuing to go in for tests) and I was hoping to get a few answers about PCOS here and I would really appreciate any advice. Sorry for the loong post - trying to figure out how to put in a cut.

The basic backstory is that I'm a 26 year old woman and first wondered about PCOS 10+ years ago, realising I was much hairier than normal and had quite bad acne. I mentioned it to my GP who totally dismissed me, saying my periods were normal and I was slim and telling me to stop worrying about nothing. I have been constantly at the doctor for the last 4-5 years for gyno-related issues (abnormal discharge, abnormal paps, mild pelvic pain) and nobody even raised the question of PCOS until I was sent for an ultrasound in April 2010, checking for PID and/or endo and the scan showed polycystic ovaries. I was relieved to have at least found a cause for most of my issues and went to my doctor, who did blood tests and sent me for a fasting glucose test. I prepared myself to start Metformin and change my diet......only to be told when I returned for the results that everything was normal - based on the results and the fact that the ultrasound tech had noted that I was ovulating and the fact that in her eyes, I wasn't overweight, spotty or hairy, she thought I simply had polycystic ovaries and NOT the syndrome. She told me to come back if I started to have period issues, but that there was nothing that needed to be done. So I walked out of the office, relieved that I didn't have this potentially serious condition.

So last week, I was in a changing room when I noticed in the harsh lighting that my neck had all these black hairs I'd never noticed before. Definitely didn't look normal. I went to the doctor a few days later and he pulled up my old PCOS test results and told me something about the ratio of LH to FSH...he basically said that the other doctor had misread them and that they DID suggest PCOS. Also pointed out that the last test results should have been done during my period (which I was NOT aware of) and that in his opinion, I was hairy and spotty enough to suffer from PCOS. I'm going for the next blood tests tomorrow and am fully expecting these to show something.

So.... what exactly am I facing here? Everyone from the ultrasound techs to the doctors let me to believe I was perfectly fertile and ovulating (which is why I went on Cerazette last year even though I'd rather not have) but I've seen many posts here saying that women with PCOS do not ovulate regularly, even if they have regular periods. From what I understand, the cysts are present because none of the follicles ripen and ovulation doesn't happen. But then, what about those women who have polycystic ovaries but NOT PCOS? Apparently up to 1/4 of women have PCO. Do they all only ovulate occasionally or have I missed something?

Another huge concern of mine is insulin resistance. My last fasting glucose test was fine and I was told that meant I had no issue, but I've recently realised that the dry brown patches on my fingers (for which the GP, who I saw about 3 times,scolded me for 'not taking care of my hands') are acanthosis nigricans, a classic symptom of PCOS. I have just realised today that I also have it in my groin (again, dismissed by many a doctor/nurse as normal skin variation) and my elbows. From what I've read, this is pretty much a definite indicator of insulin resistance if one is suffering from PCOS. So should I be on Metformin? I've read about ways to treat insulin resistance and it always says that losing weight helps the symptoms, but I'm already an ideal weight (around 120 pounds) with just a little around my belly. So is it weird that I have acanthosis nigricans? Is it really bad that I went for another year thinking I was fine and not changing my diet or using Metformin? Any advice greatly appreciated!
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