kt_inwonderland (kt_inwonderland) wrote in vaginapagina,

Early period?

I'm on Loestrin 20 and not meant to come off of my pill until this Tuesday then my period would begin on Saturday, however I began my period yesterday - so basically a week early. Before that I had some spotting as well, which I never, ever get. I don't know what to put it down to, I'm not stressed at all. The last time I had sex was 16 days ago, and a condom wasn't used but I figured it'd be okay because I'm on the pill and I don't really think I could be pregnant.

What would you all suggest though? I know the obvious thing is to go to my doctor but I'd have to wait another two weeks before I can get an appointment anyway. Thank you! 

ETA: I never get heavy periods, they're always quite light and not blood coloured but that browny old blood colour. So could I be mistaking a period for spotting? Confusing.
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