ststepdown (ststepdown) wrote in vaginapagina,

Another Case of the missing period

Hey everybody

I am starting to get concerned about having missed my period but it FEELS as if there is no real way I could be pregnant. Should I be concerned or should I chalk this up to stress?

My last period started on May 13 and ended I assume on May 17/18.
I was in a sexually active relationship at that point but we were 1. using condoms and 2. I broke up with him the Friday directly following my period and at that point we had not slept together for 2+ weeks.
I stay at my parents during the week so from Monday night till Friday morning I was not with my partner so we physically could NOT have had sex. The only time we COULD have, I would have been on my period, and it would have been with a condom. No condoms had broken(I would have gone to get Plan B) and again, I seriously seriously do not think I had sex with him at any point after (or even before for a week or so) my period.

Things that have changed since then:
I work midnights now, 40-60 hours a week which is a drastic change, but my first period would have been within my first month of working.
I also go to school full time, summer semesters are super stressful and I have felt like I am drowning all month in work and school etc.

And thats pretty much it.
I haven't taken a test yet because I am pretty scared to honestly but I can't bring myself to seriously consider that I am pregnant because I had a period (that was perfectly on time) used condoms when sleeping with my partner, and have not had sex at all since my last period.

Vagpag, where on EARTH is my period?
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