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Pregnancy risk?

Hello! I've been lurking for weeks, and finally made an account only because, well, an issue came up.

I'm 18, and yesterday afternoon I had sex for the first time with my boyfriend (19). Penetrative, penis/vagina sex. While it was a nice, intimate moment, I do have some concerns regarding our birth control.

We used a condom (with lube, pinched tip, safe storage) and a sheet of VCF that I inserted prior to sex. We used the condom for all genital contact, and it did not break or slip off all the way. is my ordeal. It slipped about halfway off him (with the rim rolling up) when I removed him from me. I realize this probably has to do with appropriate condom sizing. However, I was unaware of any semen that may or may not have "leaked" when this happened, as most of it seemed to be caught inside the condom. I do have a pack of Plan B in my dresser (for more obvious failures), but I'm unsure if I need to take it or not. It was two days after my (8-day) period that we had sex, and I had an episode in my last cycle where I ovulated on about day 23, causing my cycle to be an abnormally long 39 days, as opposed to the month before: 29 days. In the 29 day cycle, I ovulated around day 16. So I'm not sure if using my pack would even be worth it.

He and I have spoken about "what if we have a mishap?" before, and feel that termination would suit our situation best right now if we were to somehow conceive. We just got done with our freshman year in college, and do not want a child to turn our lives upside down. I am looking into maybe getting a copper IUD in the future if I end up having sex on a more regular basis (and getting "alone time" with him more than a few times a month), but until then, I am ok with condoms and VCF. I don't really want a hormonal method because I cannot trust myself with pills and I have a history of heart-related problems in my family. Plus, I LOVE my sex drive the way it is, and would absolutely cry if it were to die.

Aaaaaand I just spoke with my boyfriend. He said that he did not notice any seepage when he withdrew, and he told me it was all in the condom when he got up to toss it. This does help alleviate my fears, but I am still curious as to what you VPers have to say!
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