katplayer (katplayer) wrote in vaginapagina,

Sudden PMS?

Hey vagpag, just a quick question. :)

I'm 17 and until about four cycles ago, never experienced PMS aside from being a bit moody a day or two before my period. For the past three or four months, however, I've had terrible PMS. My nipples become horribly tender (and yesterday, looked the nipple equivalent of bloodshot- the tips were a rather catching red), I cramp, am tired, and my swollen uterus increases my trips to urinate. I feel exactly like I would on my period, sans the tampon changing! It freaks me out too, I'm paranoid about becoming pregnant, and I know early pregnancy symptoms are nearly identical to PMS...

Being young, I know this could just be a new development that could stick, but I was wondering if this is related to anything? The timing correlates both with a diagnosis of hypothyroidism (though due to lack of both funds and severity, I'm not on the medicine yet) and becoming sexually active, both coming about within the past four months.

Anyway, thanks superstars for reading my post and just being around. I've learned so much just by lurking- I never would have thought there were so many gaps in my sex ed class.
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