Moríen (morien_san) wrote in vaginapagina,

Help me fact-check this video, please!

I love Betty and Carlin but this time I don't think they did their research properly. Since they have a very wide reach I think they should be challenged.

So, Superstars, will you help me?

What I caught (correct me if I'm wrong):
- if one pill decreases your sex drive you can try another pill. There is not one pill - there are different types and brands.
- IMHO they completely misinterpret the IUD.
- there is some stuff about Jaz. It's based on that clip. There is some anecdotes and some research but I don't feel smart enough to asses it.
- does uterine lining build up when you're on the pill? I always thought that it doesn't 'cause you're not ovulating. But then why would we have breakthrough bleeding. Please explain.

ETA: P.S. If you respond at the site you're more likely to be read by the maintainers of the site. You can only comment on text posts there.

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