fun_tabulous (fun_tabulous) wrote in vaginapagina,

Elevated dheas, oily skin... help?

Hi there! I come to you with a problem I've had ever since puberty, which I have recently determined a likely cause.

Since my periods were/are irregular (usually between 5 and 6 weeks apart--that is irregular, right?), I decided to have some hormone testing done. I was tested on day 2 of my period, if it matters. Everything came back normal, except for DHEA-S, which was outside of the normal range (I think close to 14 μmol/lite, but I am not certain of the units of measurement--I seem to remember normal range being something like 3-10? I don't know, but I know it was higher than normal). After doing a bit of research online, it seems that a common side effect of elevated DHEA-S is excess oil production of the skin. Bingo. I'm by far the most oily skinned person I've ever met (other than my mom!), and it has an every day significant negative impact on my life. Makeup melts off my face within an hour or two (and trust me, I buy the stuff for oily skin), and I am constantly blotting and wiping off excess oil. To be quite honest, it disgusts me and I feel like a freak of nature. I never feel pretty or polished for very long, and I feel as though people must think I never wash myself, which is far from true.

My doctor said something about spironolactone, but I thought that just lowered testosterone, or am I wrong? Either way, I am hesitant to try it because I was on Yasmin which contains a progesterone similar to that drug and the side effects (like low blood pressure--mine is already naturally lower, usually around 100/60 or something). Is there reason to believe this drug would be any different, and would improve my oily skin? Yasmin didn't help all that much, if it matters.

Another thing... what could possibly be the cause of this? I'm kind of a paranoid person by nature and I'm starting to worry about tumors or something. Should I be worried? My mom has the same skin as me, and was scanned for tumors because she had elevated prolactin, but everything came back fine.

Any insight, advice, stories, experiences, or general information about DHEA-S would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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