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A general "would you" question

I would have to look into the legalities of it but I think my idea might be legal, based on experience. When I was pregnant with my last child, I didn't have insurance and was in a financial bind, so I had to go through a govt service calle PCAP. My prenatal care was given, predominantly, by a nurse practitioner and I don't recall ever actually seeing a doctor, aside from the intern at the hospital that delivered my daughter (and by delivered, I mean yelled at me to stop pushing as the baby was, in so many words, falling out, while he was still trying to get his gloves on).  I know nurse practitioners generally do a lot the same things that a doctor does, only they have to have a doctor overseeing what they are doing. My kids actually see a nurse practitioner, rather than a doctor. She has her own office, which has no doctor in it, at all, and practices under the umbrella of a local health insurance company.

With that out of the way, the last time I had a yeast infection, I knew what it was and saw no reason to go to a gyno. I resented having to go to a store to buy the products, though. Call me old fashioned but I am squeamish about walking through a store, carrying <X brand> vaginal antifungal cream. I also find a trip to the gynocologist expensive and excessive for basic female needs like vaginal swab or birth control pills (I am open to correction if I am way off base). So if there was a nurse practitioner's for basic women's health office near you with the same services at a lower cost, that actually had a small section offering all the same products that the local drug store's women's hygiene section offers, would you utilize a service like this?
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