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Nuva ring and Yaz and endometriosis and PCOS, oh my!

So this is a complicated question, unfortunately. I'll try to make a long story short! I have a history of crappy menstrual periods (heavy, irregular, etc) so a few years ago I was put on Yasmin HBC. It regulated my cycles but gave me migraines with aura, external YI, increased seasonal allergies, no libido, and nausea that never went away (even after 2yrs). I went off the pill and got a Paragard IUD. First I bled for 8 months straight (ick), and then I got diagnosed with PCOS. During this time I took a course of progesterone to create a withdrawl bleed, and it gave me stroke-like symptoms (but no actual stroke).

Once I got on Metformin, my period came every 32 days (yay!), however, my periods are now AWFUL, and I am having pain that extends even between cycles (basically, daily pain). The IUD is centrally placed/fine, and my pain is not uterine, its over my left ovary. I am now scheduled for a laprascopy in August to see if I have endometriosis/remove said endometriosis. In the meantime, I have a job which is very physical, and I cannot miss multple days of work (when I have my period I literally can barely move, it hurts to urinate or have a bowel movement or cough, etc). 3 different healthcare providers have offered 3 different options for me.

1. Try the Nuvaring temporarily as it has low hormones and can be stacked so that you don't get a period.
2. Try Yaz for 2 months so that you don't get an ovulatory period and it will be less painful.
3. Don't take ANY hormones because you have had a stroke-like episode in the past. Take pain meds.

I would dearly love to avoid my period next month, but not at the risk of a blood clot (especially since I have surgery scheduled). Pain meds (even prescription) either only dull the pain or make me so loopy I'd be useless at work anyway. Given that, what is the best option? I'm getting a lot of conflicting advice.
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