justforapicture (justforapicture) wrote in vaginapagina,

My D&C, polypectomy, and IUD insertion.

So I got my D&C today, as well as getting my Mirena put in.
After months of very weird, sporadic bleeding (even when on continuous birth control) we found some odd shapes on my ultrasound. I have also had severe cramps. Today, I hoped to have gotten the answers.
I went in for 8:45 AM, didn't go in for the surgery until 12 (couldn't pee in the cup to save my life, got bloodwork to prove I wasn't pregnant), and went under.
My doctor was gone by the time I had woken up. She talked with my mother, saying they found a small polyp-y type thing and removed it and sent it to get biopsied.
She also found a very odd black lining, thinking it may be very old blood, but is confused as all hell by it. She scraped it off and sent it to get biopsied as well. She seemed baffled by it.
My Mirena is in, and I'm rather confused as to what to do next. Check the strings? No idea! My follow up is on July 20th.
What should I do next?
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