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GV question...

I am considering using GV (genetian violet) to try and treat a very stubborn YI that I cannot seem to get rid of as I have read and heard that for many women it is "the cure."  But in my research (I like to know if I may or may not be facing any symptoms from the products I use) I read that GV can cause permanent nerve damage if it happens to get into a cut (and let's be honest here... the slightest chance of nerve damage mentioned anywhere near my vagina is enough to scare me).  Can anyone confirm or deny this? I also read that the use is recommended externally only, not to be used in the mouth or vagina or on open sores (yet I also read where people mentioned doctors recommending it to clean and quickly heal wounds, so I am becoming rather confused). Have any of you out there had any adverse reactions to the GV?

I have a very sensitive vag, it's really easily irritated and it's been through a lot in my quest to be rid of this issue. Yogurt has helped in the past but not really completely worked... I've tried the AZO Yeast as well.  I am working on getting myself lined up with a doctor again so that I can get a doctor's input on the neverending yeast infection.. but for now can any of you out there let me know how you feel about the GV as a treatment?
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