werepony (werepony) wrote in vaginapagina,

Weird hormone results + going off the pill

I have been having really bad mood swings recently -- crying spells, punching the bed until my knuckles bleed... this is totally not like me! (At least, not like me since I've been on the pill... I was kinda mood-swingy before that, but never this bad.)

My doc ordered some hormone tests, and found that LH is extremely low, FSH is low enough to be in the "pregnancy" range (I am definitely not pregnant), estradiol is <25 (which may or may not be normal, depending on point in the cycle, but we don't know point in cycle because I was on a three-month pill), and free testosterone is also low.

I'm supposed to go off my birth control pills now, so my system will be back to normal (eg. not influenced by the pill) by the time I'm seeing an endocrinologist and getting tests done there.

My past experiences trying to stop taking the pill have been horrible... and now that I'm already feeling lousy and have all these low hormone levels I'm afraid it will be even worse this time.

Has anyone else had results like these? What did it turn out to be*? Did it make it harder to stop taking BC pills?

( * I realize what happens for you and what happens for me may be different... but at the moment I'm interested in any information I can get.)
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