Box (kittybacklash) wrote in vaginapagina,

Feminine Deodorant?


This is just a curiosity post because I've seen these products around and I'm a little baffled by their precise usage. Specifically I'm talking about this stuff. I spied it in a friends bathroom and had a read of the bottle while I showered and I still don't quite understand how one implements such a product.

Obviously it's for between-leg freshening, I understand that sweat between the creases of the thighs can cause odor and regular deodorant can cause irritation in that area because it's so sensitive, but is this stuff actually meant to go on the vulva? I'm very confused by it and short of asking my friend "So, you got a sweaty vulva?" I can't think of a way to casually drop it into conversation and get the answer I want. The site and the bottle manage to step around the issue beautifully, leaving me none the wiser.

Thanks in advance for helpful comments/shared confusion!
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