Jessica (rockstar_beauty) wrote in vaginapagina,

Possible BV infection?

Hi VPers :)

I have been seeing my partner now for around 8 months, and around the last 4 months of that we have not been using condoms as im on the pill. We last had sex maybe 3 weeks ago, a week before i was due for my period. The sex wasnt rough, but was probably more intense than it usually is and towards the end of the week i thought i was having breakthrough bleeding as i was due for my period and from the intense sex session wed had.

I had my period as normal, however last week once it finished, i was left with symptoms that look to be that of BV - something i had not heard of until now. The Fishy odour and the thin milky discharge and slight itching which lasted maybe a day and has not returned. Its tricky for me to see my Dr. with trying to get the time off work so i was just going to try the yoghurt remedy and see if it cleared up and if not, try to get into my Dr.

Today however, i seem to have slight blood stained discharge again, and now im thinking it may be more serious than BV. I had a Pap test done maybe three months ago and that was clear except for thrush which i treated accordingly. I have not had any pain or real irritation.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what this could be? All help is muchly appreciated!!
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