justforapicture (justforapicture) wrote in vaginapagina,

Still worried about the D&C, cancer.

As you have all read, I have growths in my uterus, likely to be polyps. My doctor mentioned cancer in our last visit. I have a D&C and IUD placement on Thursday. I'm 20 and terrified.

My boyfriend is saying he might not make it because of work. I'm so scared of waking up and them saying "I'm sorry, we had to remove your uterus." or "I'm sorry, you have cancer." and him not being there. My mom will be there, but she isn't very strong with stuff like that. She's more worried than I am! I just really want him there to kiss me before I go in for the D&C and then be there when I wake up. I hate going under. And I hate the unknown. That's what freaks me out: we have NO idea what's in there.

I've been out all weekend and seeing many people with bandanas who look like they are going through chemo. It's all I'm thinking about. I feel like...for some reason...I do have it. I have so many unexplained medical issues that it would just make sense. At the same time, I feel sick thinking of this whole thing.

I don't know what to ask for advice anymore. I'm so sorry I've clogged up this community with my concerns. I'm just so scared. I'm 20. I don't want to be sick anymore!
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