Scarlett (cosmicheart) wrote in vaginapagina,

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recurring yeast infection

i have had a recurrent yeast infection for the past 4 months that has not gone away. I have taken monistat 7 days several times, many pills of Diflucan, many doses of terconazole and this thing does not go away. I have gone to 4 doctors and no one can cure me. They all tell me it's just small yeast, but to me it's much more especially i've been dealing with it for months and i feel it's a result from me taking metronidazole (for trich) for almost 4 months prior to a bad strain i had from the result of a rape. I've been tested for everything and results have been negative.

I don't know what to do anymore, I'm depressed..I haven't had sex since Dec because of the trich then yeast infection and because the infection keeps reminding me of my rape. What do I do? any advice will be appreciated.
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