Karoi Gewehr (kitsu) wrote in vaginapagina,
Karoi Gewehr

Transvaginal US for excessive bleeding

Hi everyone, I'm a bit nervous about an upcoming trans-vaginal ultrasound I have scheduled for Monday.

A few weeks ago I started to suffer heavy vaginal and rectal bleeding and cramps while on BCP. It had gone on for 14 days before I had a chance to see a doctor. At first he thought it was just breakthrough bleeding until I mentioned the rectal bleeding. He gave me an exam and didn't see anything but suggested I get an ultrasound and see a gastroenterologist as well.

My first question is, will a trans-vaginal ultrasound show endometriosis? I've had a problem with heavy bleeding, cramps, nausea and rectal bleeding since I was 14 but due to lack of insurance and rude doctors I've never been tested.

My second question is, what should I expect during the ultrasound? All they've told me is to drink lots of water and come with a full bladder. Is it a long procedure?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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