estrellafugaz85 (estrellafugaz85) wrote in vaginapagina,

Neck hair

I had an upsetting moment today in a changing room....with the bright light, I realised I have a hell of a lot of black hair on my neck. It's short and looks almost like stubble in some lights. I'd noticed it in the mirror at home but assumed I had blackheads or something and just started exfoliating more, but no, it is hair. What could cause this? I'm positive I didn't have it until a couple of months ago. I've always been pretty hairy and have always had a little bit of a moustache and fine hairs on my chin but never neck hair.

I had a pelvic scan a year ago to check for ovarian cysts and I do have polycystic ovaries, but the hormone test came back normal so the doc said I don't have PCOS. She also told me I didn't really have any symptoms, as my periods were regular, my body hair wasn't 'excessive' and I'm a normal weight. Could they have been wrong? Or could I have developed PCOS since last year? I can also add that I was checked for diabetes 2 months ago and the test came back fine - if I had insulin resistance (one of my big PCOS concerns), wouldn't it have shown up there?

Another thing is that I was possibly exposed to some testosterone gel (the kind men who have had prostate cancer use to replace their testosterone) earlier this year - I used a roommate's (unwashed) comforter for a night (so 7-8 hours) before I realised he used that gel. It says on the box not to share bed linen with others if you use it, so this has been playing on my mind ever since. I did see the doctor about it last month and he laughed it off and told me I was fine, but could this have affected me?

Help! I'm so nervous and so bummed out about this new unwanted hair :(
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