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Mirena Questions!

Hey guys!

I have a weird situation and a few questions for you.


I had my Mirena inserted in 2008. It completely stopped my period and I had no cramps or side effects at all. 

At my check-up in 2009, they couldn't find my strings. They were worried then that it may have shifted out of place and recommended I get an ultrasound. 

As I didn't have health insurance or a way to pay for an ultrasound, I tried calling a few places and never got an answer from anyone as to how I could get an ultrasound for little or no cost to me. So I kind of just forgot about it and figured it was alright.

I never had a check-up in 2010, but with no periods and since I didn't get pregant (after never using condoms) I figured it was all o.k.

I went to the health department for a check-up a couple weeks ago and the doctor said don't try- but DO get an ultrasound to look at it.
After calling a few places, I got through to a nurse who was quite worried and said it could "perforate."

I figured out how to get an ultrasound for no cost to me,  but I was wondering a few things before I go.

1. I've heard that one of the very rare things that happen with the Mirena is that it attaches to the uterine wall. Has anyone ever heard of this happening?

2. Also, what did she mean by "It could perforate"?

3. Has anyone ever heard of a situation where a person's tissues grew around their IUD and they had to get it surgically removed? If so, how major of a surgery is it, and how painful is it?

Thanks VPers!!!   

 (This was cross-posted to iud_divas. Hopefully you aren't seeing it twice!)

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