In Letang we trust (fieldofdreams) wrote in vaginapagina,
In Letang we trust

High Prolactin Level

I've been having a high prolactin hormone level since at least January of this year. I've gone for routine bloodwork and that was the only hormone that came back high, all my other levels from thyroid and others were fine.

My gyno called and told me this and recommended I see an endocrinologist. I have no worries but this is all new to me, I've googled a bit about it but I keep getting lead back to articles on pregnancy and menopause.

I am not sexually active (a virgin) nor am I pregnant and I get my menstrual regularly.

There are about 2 reasons why my levels would be high, 1 being a benign tumor on the pituitary gland or anxiety and lack of excercise.

I have an anxiety disorder, for almost my entire life and usually when I get my blood checked, I'm always anxious about it because I dislike needles.

I have been changing my routine to exercise and to relax more - I do have a therapist as well.

Anyways, my entry is to inquire if other women have had this high elevation of prolactin who have had treatment and their experiences.

Thank you

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