teh snazzle bucket (saziikins) wrote in vaginapagina,
teh snazzle bucket

What is wrong with my vagina?

Quite a while ago, I started getting the following problems: Sex hurt, which I assumed was from a small pause in sexual activity, but whether it's frequent or irregular, the pain has never gone. It hurts more as he goes in than during, but there is pain nonetheless. Sex has also caused what I'd describe as papercuts just at the bottom of my vagina. And I thought I had slightly thicker discharge than I was used to.

Eventually, I went to the doctors and had a swab done. The results (though I'm not sure what they specifically looked for) were all negative. When I had the swab done though, the nurse said that things did look a bit tender down there.

I don't understand why I keep getting cut. We always use extra lube. It's very annoying. It puts me off sex a bit because I know the beginning is likely to hurt.
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