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a few prawns short of a galaxy

Scared I have ovarian cancer - take two

I posted a couple of weeks ago concerned that I might have ovarian cancer. Today I went to visit my doctor - who maintains that my cysts are almost certainly benign - to get more details of the tests that were done. He mostly gave an overview saying he was fairly sure these are benign and said it would be fine to wait a month or two before having the giant one removed.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get ahold of the results to read them myself until I got home. The CT apparently shows that the surrounding areas look good. The cyst my doctor found is larger than he thought, 10.8 cm instead of 10.2. There turns out to be a 3 cm similar thing on the other ovary. It says the "lesion" (god I hate that word) is "thickwalled and unilocular, but appears to contain complex fluid"; with "no septations and no nodularity within the lesion, [which] implies the presence of blood products or protinaceous fluid." It also mentions the possibility of endometriosis or "mucinous cystadenoma."

This all sounds, really, a hell of a lot more complicated than "It's a smooth, fluid-filled cyst, it's probably benign." (The test results call it a "complex cyst," which I always thought was part fluid part solid?) Also, most worrisome to me, my CA125 test came back at 249. My doctor said that if it were a malignancy, the number would be "in the thousands," but in my experience (well, vicarious experience, never having had the test myself) that's not really the case, and much lower numbers have meant cancer.

So I'm just hugely confused and scared. My doctor seems to be good at what he does, and the fact that he says it can wait so long to be taken care of seems to imply that he genuinely feels there's no cause for major concern, and he also said that the elevated CA125 levels could be due to any sort of cyst (which I have heard of, but, like, numbers in the 50s, not that high!). It's also my understanding that a thick-walled cyst is a higher risk of being cancerous.

I know I should be talking to me doctor about this, and I will be as soon as possible, but can anyone out there make sense of any of this? I'm just so scared.
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