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Yeast Infection?!

 Hi, me again! I apologise for posting so much but I'm really confused!
I went to the doctors the other day thinking she was going to confirm that I had BV.
However, she simply said she can't see anything wrong apart from the cottage cheese discharge I'd mentioned.
She said to rule out a yeast infection I could take one dose of Diflucan/Fluconazole 150 mg.
I felt quite confused as I've felt so swollen down there for a while and thought it would be more than a little thrush or something!
It's been 5 days since I took the Diflucan and I'm still feeling quite swollen and I now have a white thick discharge which I didn't have before. I'm not really uncomfortable or anything, not itchy or in pain, there's just three things bugging me that I'd be very appreciative if anyone could help answer the following..

1) Whats with the discharge change after taking Diflucan? Is it flushing out the bad stuff?
2) How will I know if I have/had a YI let alone if it's cleared up or not?!
3) Not knowing if I have a YI or not is holding me back with sex as my boyfriend hates condoms.. so do I. I'm not trusting enough with BC alone.. terrified of getting pregnant at 22, seems too soon! He doesn't want a YI and I don't want to give him one (if I have one!!). It's been 5 days can I give in yet?!?! I go on holiday this sunday, how can I not have sex on holiday?!
That may have been more than 3 things..
Pleaseeeee helppppp :(

ps since it's been 5 days since the Diflucan/Fluconazole 150 mg and if the discharge is just the bad stuff being flushed out, would the YI still be present in the discharge? sorry for so many questions, I'm just desperate to know before holiday. 
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