Mild and Green and Squeaky Clean (so_much_udder) wrote in vaginapagina,
Mild and Green and Squeaky Clean

nervous about starting HBC

Welp, I am finally considering going on HBC. I have been reading this community for around four years and consider myself fairly well-informed on the different type of birth control available and their effectiveness. When I started having sex I felt most comfortable with using condoms and withdrawal as methods of birth control. However, recently I have had a couple of late periods and the stress that it has caused me (worrying about potential pregnancy) is causing me to reconsider my methods, to potentially using HBC as a means of extra peace of mind.

To be honest, I have never been comfortable with the idea of putting hormones in my body; which is strange, because I have read so much about HBC over the years, but for some reason when it comes to *me* using it I get all jittery. I feel like I have all these irrational fears arising, that somehow it will do irreversible damage to my body (changing my breast size/shape) or to my sex drive, or my emotional state (I have a history of depression, and I reallllly don't want it brought to the surface again) I think that something that unnerves me is that I know that HBC responds to each person differently, so I really can't predict how it might change my body.

Am I being completely irrational? I think I would really enjoy the benefits of HBC but I feel like these worries are holding me back! Has anyone else had experience with this or any advice?
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