Elle B. See (elbiesee) wrote in vaginapagina,
Elle B. See

My colposcopy experience, plus a question.

Hi Superstars!

I had my colposcopy/biopsy yesterday, after about a month of insurance hoop-jumping and waiting for my doctor's schedule to have an opening. (He's a popular ob/gyn, and specializes in high-risk pregnancies, so he's busy-busy.)

My pap results came back ASCUS, thus the need for a biopsy, but I'm HPV negative. So basically the results of the biopsy are to see why I was abnormal (bad cervix day?) and help my doctor keep an eye on my health.

It was exactly what I was told it would be like - uncomfortable, but not painful. At its worst, it felt like bad menstrual cramps, and even then just for five seconds at a time. My doctor made jokes - citing possible alternatives to the vinegar he used - and talked about the baby he delivered that day while he did the procedure, putting me at ease. I took deep breaths when things got tender, and that helped.

After that, I went shopping and out to eat with my family. I cramped a little, but nothing huge.

Here's my question: my discharge has consisted of a few drops. That's it. Is the dam going to break soon, or am I just fortunate? My doctor is known for being gentle, yet thorough. Is it possible he didn't take enough to cause much bleeding? I'm not complaining, mind you...
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