temporary_title (temporary_title) wrote in vaginapagina,

Planned Parenthood Birth Control


SO, i moved to LA from massachusetts in septemeber in hopes of finding a job after college.
well i just found one. so i dont have insurance and my parents insurance doesnt cover me out here.
my doctor is massachusetts will not write me another RX for birth control (apri) without seeing me. which i obviously cant do. i cant go to a doctor out here because i dont have insurance- my new job will give me insurance but not until septemeber.
i have no more refills left.
i was wondering if i went to planned parenthood do they just give you whatever birthcontrol brand they have on hand or would they be able to write me an RX for Apri because i do NOT want to switch brands. ive been on the same one for years...

thanks for the help!!
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