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safe sex practices

 Hey guys,

Sock puppet-- sorry. I have a question that might piss some people off... we'll see.

I had a bit of a pregnancy scare recently (mostly psychological-- i was ovulating, condom almost got lost inside me but the rim was -just barely- resting on the outside of my vagina-- had to do a bit of breathless, careful retrieval to remove it but nothing appeared to have spilled and i didn't take plan b-- then, period 2 days late, giving me 2 days of extreme paranoia). 

anyway, this scare has got me thinking more than ever about my form of contraception, which i am the first to admit is pretty thin. i am not and never have been on HBC, don't have an IUD-- all i use are condoms. and i don't use them perfectly. i'm in a monogamous relationship where STDs aren't an issue. i used to be very rigid about using condoms from the moment PIV was initiated, but in the past few months have gone lax on that. this is partially because condoms often just dry out my vagina too much at the beginning, and i haven't yet found a lube that doesn't irritate/burn me-- both things that make sex painful very early in. instead, we usually start PIV sex without a condom, and don't put one on until we're both pretty close to climax.

this has worked out well for keeping my vagina wet and happy, and if he hasn't peed since the last time he came, we absolutely use a condom from start to finish. all of that said... does this sound like it's "safe enough" to anyone out there? i know that managing risk is a personal decision but i'm just looking for some other opinions/experiences. we also use this technique whether or not i'm ovulating.

(also, somewhat related-- anyone with highly sensitive ladybits have any suggestions for lube that is both condom and ladybit-friendly?)

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