Devine Denial (devinedenial) wrote in vaginapagina,
Devine Denial

First Internal Exam

I'm going for an exam at my new OBGYN tomorrow and I'm very nervous. I had my previous doctor for the past four years, starting when I was fourteen and was diagnosed with PCOS. She knew my history well and was very busy, so never had done an internal exam on me, because I was a minor and I'm not sexually active.

However, due to many mishaps with her practice, I've been forced to change doctors. The new one comes with great recommendations, but it's very likely I'll need an internal exam before she'll prescribe my birth control. I turned eighteen this year and I'm still sexually inactive. I'd like to have the internal exam because I will be sexually active this year.

Still, I'm absolutely terrified. I have butterflies in my stomach and I'm close to tears when thinking about it. What if it hurts? What if the vulnerability just ruins my only day off this week?

Can anyone offer some guidance and help?
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