hellloooo_nurse (hellloooo_nurse) wrote in vaginapagina,

*sigh* another "am I preggers?" post...

My period was supposed to start on Sat and I am usually a very regular gal. I typically have cramps the day before I start then the first day or so when I actually start. Been the same for 10+ yrs now. Needless to say I've been having the cramps since friday and period is yet to arrive. I also have tender breasts which usually go away the day I start. They are more of a all over soreness than typically it's just the sides. My question is can I be having cramps like this if I'm pregnant? I googled a bit and some people are saying no absolutely not so I feel a bit better. I know I should just tough it up and wait it out but I would just like to know for now and possibly future reference. Has anyone experienced this before?

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