maskedgladiator (maskedgladiator) wrote in vaginapagina,

Loestrin side effects, or indication of pregnancy?

Hi, everyone! I have a question about some recent symptoms I've been experiencing.

I've been taking Loestrin since November, and I didn't really suffer from any side effects. However, I've been experiencing light spotting, cramping, and breast tenderness for the past 4 days. I'm on Day 16 of my cycle and I didn't miss my last period. I've always taken my pills within a 2 hour time frame, and I've never missed a day. My mind still jumped to pregnancy anyway, even though I know it's far too early for physical symptoms to manifest. I just took a test, figuring I'd at least rule out my last period not actually being a period, and it was negative. So if I didn't miss my last period, and it's too early to have conceived and feel symptoms...what gives? Please give me some idea of what could be going on. Also, if I'm not pregnant, am I still protected even though I've been spotting? Thank you so much for your awesome help over the years!
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