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Am i pregnant?

Hi VPeeps! I need your help! I dont know if I am pregnant or not but I am sure hoping im not. We'll as you can see, my period is running late for almost 14 days now. My cycle (i dont really have a regular cycle) usually lasts for 35 days. I get my period more or less on the 35th day of my cycle. My boyfriend and I always use a condom. We only do it when im suposedly safe, meaning we dont do when Im on the middle of my cycle. I already took pregnancy tests after I missed my period. I took it on the 6th, 8th and 10th day after I missed my period. All of them came out negative. Sometimes I feel like there's activity, meaning slight cramping, on my belly area. However, still no sign of my period. I dont have any pregnancy symptoms yet so Im pretty hoping im not preggy. What do guys think?

Btw, the month before that, I was really stressed with my thesis. 
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