neek_love (neek_love) wrote in vaginapagina,

going off Monofeme

Hey folks!

I am going in for a Mirena consultation next week and, barring any unforseen roadblocks, will make an appointment for insertion. I've been on Monofeme bcp for around 3 years. I'm going on holiday to Germany and Ireland with my family for four weeks in August; since my partner isn't coming I thought it would be a good time to go off HBC altogether for a bit so that I can better monitor the potential side effects from mirena.

BUT I also don't want to be a moody mess for my holiday. On my placebo week I get a a little emotionally sensitive/volatile. I've heard people say they've had ongoing effects coming off HBC, and since I'll already be a little whiny being away from my S.O I don't want to exacerbate what do you folks think? Good/bad idea? Anecdotal evidence?

Many thanks!

EDIT: I should clarify I indend to have my insertion *after* my holiday, in case that wasn't clear.
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