Punim (shyshutterbug) wrote in vaginapagina,

of breasts, exercise, and sleep disturbances

Hey, kids. Need some suggestions. And yeah, maybe to vent a little bit.

I have always been rather well-endowed on top (38DD). The twins and I are most decidedly not friends. They showed up to the party WAY too early and started causing trouble almost immediately upon arrival.

My breasts are extremely pendulous. I have practically zero natural support; while they are large, they're not very voluminous, which means all the weight in them has collected at the nipples - which point straight toward my feet. Exercise, especially anything of the "jump up and down" variety (in other words, good stuff, like cardio) makes them bounce like crazy, and there is apparently not a sports bra in existence of sufficient industrial strength to keep them down. On top of which, the underside of my breasts gets extremely irritated from perspiration from exercising, sometimes to the point of forming boils. Large spots all over them are nearly numb, or at least have dramatically reduced sensation. They're very heavy, so my c-spine is all jacked up. Breast self-exams are practically impossible; I can cover only the top half of the breast - I can't hold the bottom up with one hand to examine it with the other.

*sigh* Okay. There's the vent. Here's the rest.

I have recently lost 35-40 pounds, depending on how well I've behaved on any given day. I have roughly 40-50 more pounds to lose before I reach a point of full satisfaction with my efforts. While the weight loss has been a good thing overall, it has caused the breast sagging/lack of support to worsen dramatically.

I primarily sleep on my side, and occasionally roll onto my back (usually by accident). Sleeping on my back either: (a) splits my breasts down the middle and makes me feel like I'm being drawn and quartered; or (b) migrates the breasts up toward my throat, which makes me short of breath. Sleeping on my side makes my arm numb/tingly upon waking in whatever arm the breasts rest on, but it's better than the alternative.

For obvious reasons, I sleep in a sports bra. However, the volume in the breast is apparently not sufficient to be contained by a sports bra; it's like trying to keep a partially filled water balloon from rolling over on itself. This morning I was laying on my left side, and Lefty migrated out of her covering through the armpit hole of the bra, and I woke up with my breast in my armpit, resulting in a very unattractive (not to mention crazy painful) red mark streaking around the area where the breast was being pulled from the chest wall.

I would like to be able to:

(a) exercise, while keeping all bouncy bits on my body firmly in place;

(b) have a good night's sleep for the first time since I was eight - one uninterrupted by rolling over and having to manually adjust my breasts' positions; and

(c) stop the chronic irritation/infection on the underside of my breasts.

If anybody has any suggestions on any of the above topics, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly.
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