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Birth Control + Yeast Infections

Hello there! First time shy poster using account signed-up solely for posting here (in-case you are wondering why the account-creation date was so recent).

For the record, I am a 29 year old female, a virgin and I went to my GP approximately 2 weeks ago to obtain BC-pills because I am intending to become sexually active.

My GP decided to prescribe Levlen-ED, which is a form of the combined-pill. On the advice of my GP I started in the white-area zone (sugar-pill) of my Levlen-ED BC-pills on the first day of my period and said period finished on Day 4. On Day 6 the coloured (active) Levlen-ED BC-pills were to be taken and so I did that. However on Day 8 I developed a yeast-infection and took myself back to the GP. The GP said that this was not necessarily to be blamed on the BC-pills so I continued to take them along with yeast-infection treatment (Canesten 3-Day).

It is now Day 14 and the yeast infection has not gone away at all despite treatment. After doing some reading around on the internet I have discovered that the combined-pill can cause persistant yeast-infections in some ladies. Not to mention, it has killed my libido completely. I have booked another GP appointment about this but I cannot help but feel confused. How long does it take for hormones to settle? I hope I am not stuck with constant yeast-infections as they are positively no fun. Should I be switching to a different brand or perhaps the mini-pill?

Thank you for reading. I am most annoyed at this point and in need of some advice.
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