stubbynails09 (stubbynails09) wrote in vaginapagina,

vaginal chub rub?

sock puppet sorry
Anyways I have big thighs I always have and they rub together. But lately the part where my thighs meet my vagina have been rubbing against SOMETHING like crazy and it burns...really bad. Maybe that part is rubbing against my vaginal lips (ugh sorry for the lack of terminology) or my clothes but it hurts like a b*tch! And it sucks because I have to walk around A LOT for my job. It hurt the most when I went to a conference last month and had to walk all over. It was really bad it looks like I have scab/burn marks from where I guess the skin went raw? It's super tender to touch and when it starts to heal it gets really dry. Anyways what can I do to prevent this &/or relieve the pain (other than lose weigh which I'm not sure will help the problem or not) I try using baby rash ointment but it just soaked into my skin after a while and didn't help.
The pain is really bad too. When I went to the conference I was in tears towards the end because it was so bad and I usually can handle pain.
*sidenote I did recently start getting brazillian waxes but when the rubbing occurred it was when I hadn't went in a long time and this time it's happening right after a visit. The place I go to is very clean though they don't double dip or do any other waxing no nos.
Please help me!
Thanks in advance!
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