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Down-stairs mix-up: potential ulcers

My girlfriend has some pretty startling things going on in her nether-regions.

Two nights ago, she was complaining of faint blood that appeared on her toilet tissue. The next afternoon, she was soaking in the bathtub and informed me that she thought she felt a bunch of lumps in her vaginal opening. I went to look, honestly not really thinking there would be much, and the first thing I saw from a distance, when I parted her labia was what looked like a cut. I wasn't very surprised, because she has rather long nails, but she told me to feel further inside, and then I was surprised.

Not necessarily in her vagina, but very close to her opening, on her left side of her labia minora, and closer to her clitoris, on the right, were a number of what looked like sores. We went upstairs and I took a closer look, and they looked like scabs, when they are dampened for a period of time. The outer area was a red color, with a very white covering in the center.

Now, today, they are much darker, closer to a maroonish-black color, with the same whiteness- but they seem to be merging, on the lower part, closer to her opening. So, there is a big cluster of about five of those sores, just fusing together, apparently, with the whiteness starting to vanish, totally. She is complaining of soreness, stinging, and oozing, which doesn't surprise me.

We are attempting to arrange a referral to an urgent care facility, immediately, but the doctor doesn't seem to be responding. Worst-case, we're going to the ER.

Rambling aside, I found one picture of a vulvar-type ulcer, which seemed to fit closest with placement and shape, coloring aside. We aren't quite sure what to think of this as, even though we shouldn't really be self-diagnosing.

First thing that comes to mind is herpes or some sort of STD, which makes me feel guilty, for being her only sexual partner. However, I've been screened for a few things and came out clear, but a few isn't all, so, I'm worrying that I've given her something, unknowingly, which would mean that I've been toting it around for around five years.

In short:
Has anyone had any experiences with ulcers in this region?
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