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Cardio And Spotting

First off, I am a 35 year old, divorced mother of three. Last year, I started getting back into running (after a nearly 20 year sabbatical) and I really did not push myself very hard. I didn't want to burn myself out or make it something to dread, rather than to look forward to. It was basically just alternating between jogging and fast paced walking for approximately  a mile (with the intent to increase endurance). The first time I ran was less than a week after my period stopped and typically, for a few days after my period I get a heavy but clear watery discharge (sorry if that's TMI). A few hours after my first run, though, it was streaked with a light colored blood. I initially just figured it had something to do with my unusually short and light period so I didn't get all worked up about it. Day 2 was the same, only it was a bit heavier, but day 3 and day 4 was like a half day period (this time with very mild cramping) so I made an appointment with the gyno. 

She said she had never heard of that before but she also recommended that I don't give up running, over this, because of the health benefits of the exercise. I tried to continue but there is, as always, a catch. I cannot/will not have sex with my boyfriend when I am bleeding because I contracted Hep C from a blood transfusion, 21 years ago (pardon my need to explain but having a virus like that always makes people assume the worst about me). There is very little risk of passing it to him, as long as we keep our condom-less sex low risk.  
I didn't want to give up sex and didn't know how much longer this would go on, so I stopped.

Fast forward a year. A woman at my (now live-in) boyfriend's job was selling a treadmill and it was a really good deal, so I bought it. For the past two weeks, I have been alternating between ten minute jogs one day and 20 minute inclined walk, the next day. The bleeding is back, though it only occurs mid day and stops at night. As a result we are using condoms for extra protection, though we both despise them. I am supposed to have my period today, I should have gotten it on Friday. Most the other symptoms are there; puffy uterus, my boobs are busting out the side of my bra,  vaginal wall tenderness; everything but the headache and the period. It isn't amennorrhea because A) I don't nearly run enough and B) I'm still spotting, just not getting even a moderate flow. 

I am making an appointment with the gyno, again but I've found a couple of other discussions on other forums where women are complaining about the same issue. Each one of them says the same thing, "They address it with the gyno but the gyno hasn't heard of it before." Anyone else experience anything like this? Is there any chance that someone was lucky enough to find a doctor that has heard of this? 
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