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Vulvar... eczema? Irritation?

Okay, so, I have a skin issue all over my body, mainly my torso/face, and I break out in hive-like bumps and get red scaly patches of skin on the backs of my arms. I'm seeing a dermatologist right now but they've pretty much said it's eczema. Getting more testing done. Skin is soo sensitive. Yadada.

Another area I have issues with redness/itching is my vulva/back end. I have been tested for yeasties, bv, infections, etc and everything always comes up normal from my gyn. I've been on steroid creams and rotate a whole bunch of meds (steroid cream, estrogen cream, testosterone cream) to keep it under control. My gyn was treating this but when i started seeing my new derm I asked him to take a look at my vulva, thinking maybe my other skin conditions might have a connection?

So... my derm mentioned something about vulvar eczema? He hasn't diagnosed me, but he did mention it. I go back next week for a follow up/discussion of allergy testing. Has anyone dealt with vulvar eczema? The area gets red and puffy almost, itchy, and occassionaly I break out in little bumps but they clear up almost overnight if I put a steroid cream on them.

I stay away from everything that has a fragrance (because, trust me, if I DO use anything down there, even for sensitive skin, it's 2187187301873x worse). I wash my labia with just water, use cetaphil for my behind, use fragrance/dye free detergent,, no scented tampons/pads, etc.

One thing I found irritated vulvar eczema was pads/panty liners. I ALWAYS wear panty liners. :/ Has anyone had an issue with this?

Thanks. Sorry if this doesn't flow very well. It's 2 AM here and I am very sleepy.
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